Guzman Salsa 

I love going home and smelling the fresh tomatoes, onion, and garlic when my family makes salsa. It takes me back to when I was a little girl helping the family fill orders every week. 


Making salsa is a family tradition dating back to my father's fathers. I'm proud of my father and proud of my Mexican Heritage that embraces positive qualities of love, family, and hard work.


Enjoy my families love and hard work in each container of Guzman's Salsa ... 


We have combined all natural, fresh, locally grown ingredients with nothing artificial, and no preservatives to make the best SALSA you'll eat anywhere. Tomatoes, peppers, garlic, cilantro, salt, spices, vinegar, and our secret all-natural ingredients will have you ordering by the case.


Salsa is in 16 oz containers $7.50 each plus shipping. If local, use promo code LOCALPICKUP at checkout and we will arrange a pickup time and discount. 

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